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  • John & Vonda Guidry

    South America | Columbia


    JANUARY 2-January 8

    John and Vonda Guidry are graduates of Texas Bible College in Houston, Texas. They married in 1986 and in 1987 moved to Alice, Texas, where they pastored a growing and successful home mission work for six years. In 1993 they took a pastorate in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, México, under appointment as AIM missionaries and served faithfully for 11 years. They saw the church grow from a handful of people to almost 60, started a mission, and opened various preaching points. During their time in Nuevo Laredo, they purchased properties and constructed two church buildings. While in México the Guidry’s concentrated on training and encouraging Mexican nationals for ministry so they could, in turn, reach their own people. The Guidry’s were appointed to Spain in March 2004. The Guidry’s have served one full term in Spain, started a new church in the city of Salamanca, serving as Central Region Supervisor overseeing 11 churches, teaching at the Bible School in Madrid and served as National Treasure among other responsibilities. Everyone in the Guidry family is fluent in Spanish, and Vonda Guidry has also taught various ladies meetings and services. Brother and Sister Guidry, appointed to Colombia, South America in March 2012, are now raising support to return to Colombia.

  • Steve & Yvette Phelps

    Africa | Nigeria


    March 20-March 25

    Sold out for missions, Steve and Yvette Phelps left pastoring in the USA to begin their missions adventure in 2011. They are excited to serve in Nigeria, West Africa, since April 2015. Prior to their move to Nigeria, they served in Uganda 2013-2015. They built a facility to house the new Bible school in Kampala and in June 2014 the Apostolic Bible College of Uganda opened its doors to the first group of students. Currently the Phelpses are starting a new Bible school in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, home to twenty-two millions souls; overseeing the newly started Purpose Institute campuses; training pastors; teaching oneness seminars; planting new churches; and overseeing and promoting evangelism with special emphasis in the Western Region. The Phelpses are enjoying working alongside Gerry and Darla McLean.

  • Oscar & Erin Rodrigues

    Europe | Middle East | Portugal


    May 8-May 14

    Being raised in the country of Portugal, Brother Rodrigues was a product of missions. He received the Holy Ghost at age fourteen under the ministry of missionaries William and Bonnie Markham. Brother Rodrigues was blessed to work closely with the Markham's in Portugal until 2001 when he came to the U.S. to attend CLC Bible college. His dream was to one day take this beautiful gospel to his people. Sister Rodrigues, a native of California, knew from a very young age that missions was her burden and passion. She spent her youth attending various Youth on Missions trips, being open to the work of God and working closely with the ministry of her Pastor. In 2010 the Rodrigues' were appointed as UPCI Missionaries to Portugal. Upon arriving in Portugal they instated the national Bible college where Brother Rodrigues is Bible College President and head instructor. The Rodrigues' pastor a growing church in the capital region of Lisbon where they teach and train men, women and families to work for God. It is their burden and desire to raise churches out of the central work in Lisbon. Brother Rodrigues serves as the national Secretary/Treasurer of UPC Portugal and Sister Rodrigues serves as the national Ladies President. Together with their two children, Levy and Lily, the Rodrigues' love doing what the Lord has called them to do, preaching the gospel and serving the beautiful souls of Portugal.

  • Ken & Isabel Cooper

    South America | brazil


    June 26-July 2

    Ken and Isabel Cooper, originally from the Florida District, served as Sunday School Directors for the Pentecostals of Cooper City for 12 years. The Coopers served in Brazil under the AIM program for four years before their appointment to Intermediate Missionaries. During this time, over 4000 (mostly children) have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Coopers have begun the first permanent bible school in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. They have also planted a church in the city of Mairinque, São Paulo. They are currently building an orphanage and a convention center in the city of Mairinque. They have traveled extensively throughout the country of Brazil doing children's crusades and ministering to young people. Sis Cooper has been the main speaker at many women's conferences in Brazil with an emphasis holiness. Through her ministry, hundreds of women in Brazil have dedicated their hair to the Lord with a vow to never cut it again.

  • Luke & Larissa Havens

    Latvia | Europe | Middle East


    August 21-September 2

  • Jayson & Nellie Long

    Central America | Caribbean | Nicaragua


    October 23-October 29

    Jay and Nellie Long are from The Apostolic Church of Salem, Illinois, pastored by Calvin Jean. Brother Long served as the local church missions director, was a minister on the pastoral staff, and a musician. Sister Long served as preschool director, Sunday school teacher, and member of the music department. In 2003, they were approved for a two-month AIM assignment in El Salvador and took many subsequent missions trips to the Central America/Caribbean Region. After serving sixteen months in Nicaragua on the AIM program, the Longs received intermediate missionary appointment to Nicaragua in 2010. They have served as evangelists and as administrative assistants to supervising missionary Steve Nix, as well as having assisted in curriculum development and promotion for the national Sunday school department. When returning to Nicaragua, they will live in the capital city of Managua and will work toward the promotion and establishment of new churches.

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