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Why Men's Ministry?

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    Because the threat to godliness is so great – and the opportunity before us so immeasurable – ministry to men is an idea whose time has come.

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    It will afford your church the chance to equip and enlist men to display Christ-centered perspectives in their homes, churches, and communities.

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    It will enable you to under-gird men in the quest to find and fulfill their calling in Christ.

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    It will create a meaningful forum in which you can motivate and mobilize the Apostolic men around you.

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    It will facilitate the pastor’s unending effort to build better men – and thereby grow great churches.

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    A vibrant ministry to men will not be an additional burden - but rather, an invaluable aid.



Born in Bay City, Texas on September 2, 1952 to Cleveland and Margie Becton. Raised in a family dedicated to ministry where serving and leading were modeled. Attended Gateway College of Evangelism and is an ordained minister of the United Pentecostal Church, International. In 1982, Ron Becton was elected by the First Church body to serve as lead pastor.

While leading and guiding the First Church family, Pastor Ron Becton has also served in many leadership capacities.

1993 – Present
Served as a UPCI Tennessee District Board Member. Currently serving as the southeastern regional director for the Apostolic Men’s Ministry of the UPCI.

UPCI Global Missions Board member
Pastor Ron Becton has distinguished himself as a church builder.

Led the building program at the 5100 Wyoming Ave., doubling the square footage of that location.

Led First Church through the building program and relocation of current church campus at 7512 Charlotte Pike.

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