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    February 20-February 26

    David and Alice Kline arrived in Africa in November 1994 as associates in missions under the supervision of Melvin Thacker. He taught in the Bible schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe and evangelized in different churches every weekend. Over 100 people were filled with the Holy Ghost in their weekend services. In October 1995 the Klines received their missionary appointment to Zambia and Zimbabwe. With doors seemingly opening in Zimbabwe for resident missionaries, they arrived on the field in early 1997. They lived in Harare and were involved in training and evangelism. In June 1999 the Klines moved to Lesotho to help develop the work. The Lord has prospered the Klines’ ministry in Lesotho. Their witness has led to entire congregations being baptized in Jesus’ name.




    April 3-April 9

    Aaron and Tiffany met in 2008 while at Indiana Bible College and after both had graduated, they married in July 2011. Immediately after marrying Aaron and Tiffany served as youth pastor and wife in Temecula, CA, for two years before becoming Associates in Missions to Brazil in August 2013. After that first 6-month trip, they felt that God had called them to return back to Brazil. They both became General licensed ministers with the UPCI in July 2014 and then returned to Brazil in December of that same year. Aaron and Tiffany have continued living in São Paulo and have since gained fluency in the Portuguese language. Together they preach and teach in home Bible studies, the local Bible school, local churches, and conferences. In September 2016 they received missionary appointment, and now it is their burden to reach the thriving metropolis of São Paulo with the gospel, planting churches and aiding the locals in training and evangelism.

  • Luke & Samantha Campbell

    Central America | Caribbean | Costa Rica


    June 12-June 18

    Luke and Samantha Campbell served three and a half years in the beautiful country of Guatemala on the AIM program. There they helped missionaries Brad and Regina Thompson and Lynne Jewett in the Bible school, national work and the new orphanage, H.O.M.E. International. They were also very involved in their local church preaching, teaching, evangelizing, and doing outreach as well as many other things. Late in 2014 they returned to the United States and in 2015 they evangelized and preached in American and Hispanic churches. Recently, they received their Intermediate Missionary appointment to Costa Rica and they can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store. Brother Campbell is strong in outreach, evangelism, preaches and teaches in both English and Spanish. Sister Campbell speaks Spanish fluently, teaches and preaches and can translate English to Spanish.

  • Stephen Merritt

    Pacific | New Zealand


    July 24-July 30

    The call of God to become a missionary entered Stephen’s life at the age of 14. Two years after this call, Bennie and Pat Blunt, former missionaries to the island nation of Samoa, visited his home church in Winchester, Virginia. Upon leaving that service they invited his pastor, Jeff Dillon, back to Samoa where he was to preach their National Youth Camp. Brother Dillon invited Stephen to join him on this trip; this was his first introduction to missions. After graduating from high school, he attended Gateway College of Evangelism, graduating in 2008 with an Associate Degree. In 2010, he was approved for AIM to Austria, serving with Brother and Sister Robinette. He served there until late 2013, when he transferred to the Pacific Region to work in Samoa as a Bible School teacher. In 2014, Stephen was appointed as an Associate Missionary to the island nation of New Zealand where he serves today.  Stephen was upgraded to Intermediate Missionary in 2017.  Upon return to New Zealand, Stephen will be going to the city of Dunedin, a college campus city, to start a work there. There are already multiple contacts waiting for his arrival.  

  • Shane & Dena Hayes

    South America | Chile


    October 2-October 8

    Shane and Dena Hayes accepted an AIM assignment to San Andres, Colombia, in 2003. In 2004 they received intermediate missionary appointment and returned to San Andres to continue their work of establishing a self-supporting church and raising up leaders. After accomplishing this, they began to feel the Lord directing them to Chile. They were able to move to Chile in January 2010, settling in the city of Concepcion. It was here that they lived through the epicenter of the 2010 8.8 earthquake. Brother and Sister Hayes coordinated with Compassion Services International for the relief and rebuilding efforts. Brother Hayes is currently the Chilean national Vice-President as well as the South American representative for Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS). Sister Hayes is involved in Ladies Ministries and is a gifted teacher.

  • Daniel & Tabitha Detemple

    Europe | Middle east | Republic of Georgia


    November 20-november 26

    Daniel and Tabitha DeTemple have been involved in missions in some form most of their lives. Daniel worked under Pastor Jerald Staten to assist with a home missions church in Washington, D.C., and Tabitha is the daughter of a home missions Pastor. Their ministries have included teaching Bible studies, leading youth, Sunday school, church planting, evangelism, house churches, and ladies ministry. Daniel worked in the Republic of Georgia from 2012-2013 on the Associates In Missions program, he and Tabitha and their daughter, Esther, returned in 2015 and have served 2 terms on AIM. They have been appointed as Intermediate missionaries to the Republic of Georgia. This was an answer to a call that they both felt to this great nation. Their hopes and desires are to reach into every region of Georgia, planting churches, growing and discipling leaders, and establishing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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